Social Responsibility

In Personality HDS we believe in developing people, using our experience and resources, we collaborate in the growth of a more just society and greater opportunities for all. The creation of jobs, development of people skills, and self-esteem recovery to generate new leaders are a commitment for us. Our values ​​and sensitivity to people make us actively participate in the creation of new opportunities.

All the services that they contract with us help the Fundación Líderes con Purósito, which promotes the development of young people in marginal urban and rural communities. These young people are trained by the Foundation in Leadership, Values, Ethics, Community Development, and Social Innovation, in addition to accessing scholarships for higher studies. These young people create development opportunities in the communities in which they actively participate.

Likewise, the Lideres con Purósito Foundation works with the Leaders of the Organizations to strengthen their competencies in inclusive Leadership and Integrative Vision of the Business, which promotes Leaders with a social vision and linking sectors that need development and opportunities.

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