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Head Hunting is a tool that allows an organization to seek, in the labor market, first level professionals that have the right skills to fill important positions. Our methodology allows, the organization contracting the service, recruiting top professionals in specific areas required for the growth and success of their management.

In Personality HDS consultants have specialized in service, supported by the philosophy of human development and service innovation through a proprietary system that will allow you to reduce your time, will give comfort through an online platform for the process, and of course, the confidentiality and professional ethics you are looking for.


Psychometric Testing

Our expertise allows us to understand the needs of organizations as well as those the people have. In Personality HDS we conduct psychometric tests which may be applied to their candidates in an easy, practical and comfortable way, providing unique and modern style in the management and implementation of the evaluations through our system, designed based on our expertise for your service, agility, and transparency.

Basic Vocational Assessment

It covers different points to get a more comprehensive and complete information on important data needed to meet the candidates:

  • Candidate Personal Data.
  • Work Experience.
  • Studies Conducted.
  • Current and Aspirational Compensation.
  • Motivation to Change.
  • Psychometric Test Results.
  • Results of the Competency Interview.
  • Employment References.

Professional Research

We know that sometimes is not enough to apply tests to candidates, and that’s when organizations have the need to pursue the subject. This service will allow you to go a little more deeply about the personal and professional profile of the candidate, allowing you to make the right decisions.

  • Employment References.
  • Address Verification (includes photo).
  • Personal Reference Area where Vive (People I Know).
  • Establishment of the Personal Reference your résumé.
  • A certification of Academic Instruction.
  • Certification of the Certificate of Citizenship.
  • Court Records.
  • Labor Records.
  • Personal History.
  • Current Economic State Information.
  • Asset Register.

Complete Professional Evaluation

Today, organizations require high flexibility, creativity, and intellect to solve problems, these leaders (or potential leaders) are necessary to support the ideas on real data to generate sustainable growth and development. With this evaluation, which includes the basic evaluation plus points of research, you will have true and accurate information when it comes to making an impact in the selection, and in the end, will have at his side Leaders are looking for.

International Assessment

Personality HDS works with various Multinational and Transnational seeking to go beyond its borders, looking for a Globalized Talent for the development of your organization, and señority expertis more, which is why we have specialized in analyzing the characteristics and professional skills other countries, in order to incorporate the needs of leading institutions, the preparation of which focuses on the present and the future with anticipation, organization and vision.


We can also perform mass professional recruitment for companies that request it.


This service consists of a standardized evaluation of behavior based on multiple stimuli. Thanks to the expertise of our consultants, they participate in the evaluation process and are responsible of assessing, observing and analyzing how participants interact and the way they face different situations that they are required to resolve.

The integration process results in the evaluation of the behavior of the participants in the dimensions, powers or other variables that have been proposed to measure AC (Assessment Center).


Personality HDS, aware of the reality of many organizations that are forced to strategic changes in its organizational structure, has designed a program that allows them to generate layoffs responsible, giving the professional the opportunity to become reintegrate at another organization, or even, to create a space that allows you to start a business. This service can be ¬-as needed-personal or mass.

Within the methodology are the following:

  • Coaching Session and Impact Management.
  • Candidate detailed analysis.
  • Professional Plan and Update on the Market.
  • Search and Placement.
  • Self-employment and/or entrepreneurship.
  • Coordination of Interviews with Clients.
  • Integration.


Personality HDS believe in training and professional development that enables the development of people and, by implication, where collaborating organizations, with considerable culture; increase competition and deploy their skills.

We design specialized training plans and high need for organizations on topics such as: Capacitys Generation, Selection, Strategic Management Personal Skills for Managers Human Development, Human Development subsystems and Applications, and Techniques Workshops vanguard Human Development Management, among others.


We specialize in discovering the talent of people, nowadays organizations with strong vision anticipates the future, for this reason, they think of the selection and development of those who occupy strategic positions. Personality HDS, based on a detailed assessment, discovers and promotes the personal and professional qualities of the future leader through the application of tests, interviews, talent coaching, measurement functions and organizational gaps.


In this way, an organization can tell what to do to make the right decision when choosing a person to rise to important positions in the future. For us, outside the application of detection techniques of skills and competencies, we examine the human qualities and values ​​that enables us to seek and find a more comprehensive professional organization.


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